Monday, April 03, 2017

Explore Peru: 2 Days in Lima - The City of Bones!

A Lima Travel Story & Guide

I'm an emotional person. For better or for worse my eyes tear up, much to my embarrassment, when I'm happy, sad, angry, saw something breathtaking, or for no reason what so ever. My three week backpacking trip across South America, starting in Lima, Peru, was going to be a test for my tear ducts for varying reasons.... thank gawd I packed tons of small packages of tissue! Let the emotional rollercoaster begin.

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Lima, Peru
I flew into Lima on an early Tuesday morning last February. I've been dreaming of doing this trip for too many years too count and actually planning it for months. I haven't traveled for a long time for reasons that seem dumb now, but this trip changed everything, and travel will never take such a long vacation from my life again. The first of many teary-eyed moments was when I was waiting for my backpack to come down the luggage pickup area in the tiny Lima airport. I just couldn't believe that I was finally doing this trip. I was met by a friend, who already booked a night at a hostel near the airport and had a cab waiting, which my airplane-frazzled mind was grateful for.

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