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Partner with The Purple Scarf!: 
I love what I do and I would like to bring that passion to a project or idea you are working on! I would love to learn about any exciting and fabulous projects, new products that need a test run, or any promoting that your brand might need, so long as it is a fit with my personal style.  

Melanie.Ps, The Purple Scarf, Social Media, Blogger, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, photo cred, ardean petersI have worked with several well known brands like Revlon and Almay Canada, as well built great working partnerships with many PR companies. Please visit my About Me page to learn more The Purple Scarf and Melanie.Ps, as well as my disclosure policy.

Other Services Offered!: 
I also offer freelance services to companies and brands who need help with personal branding, managing their social media presence, or creating blog content.

Take a look around The Purple Scarf  to see what I can do. Like what you see? 

Lets talk! 

Please email me for more information or to request my Media Kit at melanieps(at)thepurplescarf[dot]ca.


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