Saturday, May 03, 2014

Event: Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival Captures Toronto!

I am so excited for the month of May! Not only does this exciting month include the first long weekend of the warm weather (hopefully) months, and Doors Open Toronto (one of my favourite weekends in the city), but May also hosts Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival, the world's largest photography event, that runs from May 1 - 31.

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Every year since 1997, across the city, various exhibitions and events are held that celebrate the art of photography. Artists from across the globe, both known and unknown, converge on Toronto to participate and show of their creative work. Exhibitions are divide into 4 different categories: Primary, Featured, Open, and Public Installations, that focus on the 2014 theme: Identity. "CONTACT's 2014 thematic programming highlights the relationship between Identity and photography by focusing on images that explore individual and collective attributes." Many of these exhibitions and installations are free and open to the public. As well as exhibitions, there are a variety of events, workshops, and a chance to get your portfolio reviewed! I'm extremely excited for this event and plan to visit as many exhibits as I can! Stay tuned for upcoming posts! For more information on Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival please visit

Are you planning on attending any of CONTACT's events and exhibits? Which are you most excited about?

P.s!: There is a fabulous Festival Planner page on the CONTACT website, that gives great information and travel directions!


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