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P.s!: Purple Horses: Reminiscing + Resolutions!

Happy New Year 2013 Roundup & 2014 Preview

I can't believe another year has passed! It's ironic that I reach a point in my life when I understand how precious and short life is, time moves so much faster and the years flash by. Now it's a New Year and time to reflect on what happened in 2013. I am surprised and blessed at the many changes that have transpired in my life and how they are going to change the path of future. enjoying Grafitti Alley in Toronto Fashion Blogger, Canada, Culture, Street Art The Purple Scarf

The personal discoveries and hardships I overcame in 2013 was amazing. After 22 years, I finally quit smoking! I also got a new job, which I love, fell more in love with my nieces and nephews, celebrated the engagement of my little sister and became her Maid of Honour (wedding is in September), traveled to places in Canada for the first time, met new people, and found new inspirations and passions. and Her Sister Cassandra in Thunder Bay Fashion Beauty Culture Art Blogger from Toronto Canada
My Younger Sister Cassandra and I enjoying the sights in Thunder Bay
And lastly, I started my blog, The Purple Scarf. The people, places, fashions, and beauty that I have been introduced to is amazing. The learning curve for blogging can be hard and costly, but well worth it.  Recently, I have introduced some changes on my blog that makes it better and easier to follow. I promise to continue to learn and try new things and ideas, and I will strive to make The Purple Scarf even more fabulous! The blogging world is quite an amazing place that not many people get to appreciate. I am so happy to apart of this community. Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Culture Blogger from Toronto The Purple Scarf Subway TTC

Looking forward to 2014, I wrote a giant "To Do" list. I hesitate to use the term "Resolution List", but that is what it is. On My List, there are many personal and professional goals, as well as ones that include my blog. Here are a few highlights:

Goal #1!: Get into shape + start a healthier lifestyle. Blog about it!
I have gained almost 40 pounds after I quit smoking, and I am out of shape. I want to get healthy and fit, and am unsure of where to start. Do I join a gym? And what gym to join? I'm positive, I'm not the only person feeling a little overwhelmed in how to start a healthier lifestyle. 
With that in mind, I am going to start a series of posts reviewing different gyms throughout downtown Toronto. See what are the pros and cons to different ones, what are the differences or similarities between the exercise programs each outline for me. And the benefits of becoming healthier. and Her Sister Cassandra in Thunder Bay Fashion Beauty Culture Art Blogger from Toronto Canada

 Do know any good gyms to try out? Have any tips to get healthy? I would love to hear from you!

Goal #2!: Manage my time (and blog) more wisely!
I want to be more proactive in my time management. Stick to a blogging (and life) schedule, to blog more consistently and more often. I want to post more than twice a week and to keep up with my other social media accounts. I also need to stop getting angry at myself for not completing tasks!

Goal #3!: Post more content on what I like to do! Travel more, go to different places, experience different things, try out new ideas. And blog about it!
I would like to write more posts about the places, happenings and events in Toronto and beyond. I would also like to travel more and write about my adventures. Most of my reader's favourite posts were on these subjects. Here are some of my most read posts of 2013: enjoying the Christian Louboutin Exhibit at The Toronto Design Exchange Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Culture Blogger The Purple Scarf 

the purple scarf creator mealnie and Jeanne Beker at Spark sessions, Canada's First and only blogger conference in Toronto 

yellow butterfly Zohara tights with The Embellished Room purple dress, H&M Sunglasses and wedged heeled shoes, vintage clutch, Shop For Jayu collar necklace, toronto fashion and style colour blocking trys and reviews The Bun Tail Maker for The Purple Scarf

David Cronenberg Evolution Exhibit at TIFF Lightbox in Toronto Film director writer producer props costumes naked lunch art movies face morphing sign. Having a drink with a Mugwamp.

What would you like to see more of? What were your favourite posts? Let me know!

2014 is going to be a fabulous year! Pantone has named a purple shade the colour of 2014: Radiant Orchid! Purple is not only my favourite colour but is also my blog's namesake. 2014 is also the Year Of The Horse! In Japanese and Chinese Zodiac calendars, the Horse is my zodiac sign!

Pantone Colour of The Year!: Radiant Orchid! 

 2014: Year of The Horse,'s Zodiac Sign!

Ai Wei Wei's Zodiac Heads - Horse Head - Nathan Philips Square, Toronto Fashion, Art Culture
Ai Wei Wei's Circle Zodiac Animals - Horse Head
I am so excited about this upcoming year and the future adventures that are going to happen in my life that I will be sharing with you, my readers! Here's to a fabulous 2014, may it be filled with love, fashion, beauty, art, and happiness for all!

Did you make any resolutions this year? I would love to hear about them!

P.s!: I would love to hear about any ideas or comments you have about future or past posts! Know any great places, event, or exhibits I might like to check out? Let me know! Do you have a favourite label, brand, or place to shop? I would love to hear from you!

Happy 2014!


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