Monday, April 18, 2016

Exhibit: Getting Wild at Gladstone Hotel!

Gladstone Hotel's Urban Wild Exhibition Review

I love the Gladstone Hotel. I've never actually stayed there overnight, but I am constantly visiting their amazing art exhibitions and fabulous events. A few weeks ago, I visited the Gladstone Hotel to see the Tim Burton Group Show Tribute in the 2nd Floor Gallery. While I was there, I also got the chance to see the Urban Wild exhibit in the 4th Floor Gallery.

It is always great to wander the halls of the Gladstone and enjoy some amazing, and usually free, art.

Urban Wild explores the relationship of the natural world within the urban jungle that humans have created. It explores trends, multiculturalism, and "the perspectives of the artists on the soul (or lack thereof) of our urban jungle". 

This small exhibit is stunning. I loved how the artists explored the themes of the two contrasting worlds of nature and urban, and how they can sometimes complement each other, utilizing different medias and found materials. Now that the warm weather is finally here, I suggest grabbing a coffee and taking a stroll down West Queen West to the Gladstone Hotel. Urban Wild is running until April 25, 2016. Please visit Gladstone Hotel for more information.

P.s!: Urban Wild is free and open to the public and most artworks are for sale! Don't forget the Annual Grow Op Exhibition opens this week, although it is one of the few shows that are free.


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