Saturday, July 27, 2013

Style: I Spotted My Inner Degrassi Kid!


Heya! It seems polka dots can be spotted making a come back in almost every store over the past few months. Even though this trend has been around for a while, I have been trying to avoid it. Polka dots are not my favourite pattern, it just brings back a lot of memories, of an awkward childhood. But recently I've decided to embrace the dots and the era they remind me of, and not only style one but two outfits like it was 1991(again)! Hello Degrassi!

My first outfit I totally went retro in a black in white dress, a black hat, and round shades (all from H&M). I love the new shoes I bought from Forever 21, they are so comfortable and totally cute!

The Details!: Romper from H&M / Bag from Treasure Trove / Hat from H&M / Shoes from Forever 21 / Sunglasses from H&M

And P.s!: Since I felt like I was back in school, I added a neutral coloured bag, that is big enough to haul books around!

My second outfit I went girly with a short wide skirt and sheer blouse from H&M. I added pops of bright pink to add some bright girl power to an otherwise very black and white outfit. 

The Details!: Skirt from H&M / Shirt from H&M / Shoes from Forever 21 / Sunglasses from H&M / Hair Clip from H&M
And P.s!: If the top is too sheer, add a tank in a bright colour. 

So what do you think of the polka dot trend? And which outfit do you prefer? I would love to hear your comments!

P.s!: And P.s!: The final detail to top both outfits is the polka dotted manicure I received at The Shop For Jayu pop up shop on Saturday by the Fabulous Bio Seaweed Girls. Thanks Ladies! 


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