Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Style: Graphic Cool!

Heya! I have been recently wearing a lot of graphic t-shirts. You can add some trendy flair to any outfit with a graphic tee and they are a fun way to express yourself and the world around you. They can be dressed up or down and styled so many different ways. Graphic tees have endless possibilities! Here are 2 of my newest additions to my wardrobe:

The Details!: Graphic T-shirt from +EXPRESS   / Jeans from Express / Necklace from Shop For Jayu  / Sunglasses from Sirens / Earrings from a Local Flea Market / Alviero Martini Purse / Shoes from Germany

The Details!: Graphic T-shirt from +EXPRESS  / Skirt from +Forever 21  / Leggings from Forever 21 / Necklace from Shop For Jayu / Expression Boots from Hudson's Bay / Sunglasses from Sirens / Hair Accessory from a Trade Show

And P.s!: Graphic tees are not just for casual denim looks! Experiment pairing them with other pieces from your closet, and adding accessories you wouldn't normally wear with a t-shirt. Have fun!


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