Thursday, March 24, 2016

Haircare Review: Bringing My Coloured Hair Back to Life!

L’Oréal Hair Expertise Color Radiance Haircare Review

Don't you hate it when you just get your hair coloured and it looks absolutely amazing but then it starts to fade just after one or two washes?! Because I do. I have been colouring my hair for the past 20 years, experimenting with colour and brand, although the last few years, I have been dying my hair red. I have also been experimenting in hair products, trying to extend the glossy, deep "just-dyed" hair colour, so I was so happy to receive L’Oréal Paris Hair Expertise Color Radiance Shampoo, Conditioner, and Instant Miracle hair treatment complimentary from Influenster to sample and review.

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I'm always on the look out for products that claim to protect colour treated hair from dryness and damage that constant colouring can do to hair. L'Oreal states that it Hair Expertise it helps with both these issues, so I put it to the test.

After arriving home from my South American backpacking trip near the end of February, my skin and hair did not look and feel the best. Not keeping up my regular beauty routine while trekking across the Andes, cause my hair to feel brittle and dry, and my hair colour needed to be touched up. So after recolouring my hair I began using L’Oréal Hair Expertise Shampoo, Conditioner and Instant Miracle Hair Treatment and my hair feels amazing! Although it didn't help stop my colour fading as quickly as it usually does (I dye my hair red, which is a difficult colour to keep from fading), my hair looks shiney and smooth. It also feels, soft and silky. The shampoo and conditioner were both easy to apply and rinsed out great.

Although the Hair Expertise shampoo and conditioner were great, my favourite part of the haircare routine was The Protective Miracle treatment. I used it after rinsing out the conditioner for best results but it can also be used instead of the regular conditioner. According o the directions, I rinsed it out immediately, which means no waiting, and it made my hair feel and look extra amazing!  L’Oréal Hair Expertise haircare products came in a variety of formulas for all types of haircare issues and are available at most mass retailers and drugstores.

P.s!: The Instant Miracle treatment is the best part and I can use it with other shampoo and conditioner brands that I already own and love.


***Disclosure: Even though I was gifted with these products from Influenster for testing purposes, all my opinions and statements are true and reflect my actual viewpoint.***

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