Monday, October 14, 2013

Event: All Night At Toronto's Giant Museum!

Nuit Blanche Art Event Recap

Last Saturday, the city of Toronto turned into an all night art museum, free to the public from sunset to sundown. This yearly event, called Nuit Blanche, is one of the reason's I love this city. I've been participating in Nuit Blanche since 2007, the year I moved back to Toronto. And I have enjoyed this event every year since.

This I Build For You, Performance and Installation by David R. Harper
Plastic Bags Sculpture by Pascale Marthine Tayou

Nuit Blanche was first introduced in 2006, and since then, Toronto's yearly giant art exhibit has grown, not only in popularity and size, but also has attracted some big names from the art world like this years' show stopping Forever Bicycles sculpture at City Hall by world renowned artist Ai Weiwei.

Forever Bicycles, Installation by Ai Weiwei
The Big Crunch by Franck Scurtti
Every year I try to take in as many exhibits as my tired feet can manage, and over the years I have seen some puzzling, amazing, fun, creepy, beautiful, thought provoking, and just plain hilarious paintings, sculptures, performances, videos, drawings, art pieces that I would never have had the chance to see if I lived anywhere else.

Enjoying a light Installation at the Bata Shoe Museum
Toronto has come a long way from the city I knew as a child, when all I remember was visiting the C.N. Tower. It has hosted a variety of arts and culture events, many free, for the public to enjoy and learn. I love this city, especially since Toronto was the first North American city to adopt Paris' Nuit Blanche event, and many cities have followed Toronto's lead. And thanks to great events like Nuit Blanche and the Summer's Luminato, and many others, the City Of Toronto has come out of the C.N. Tower's shadow, and now can stand on it's own as a great place to live and visit!

P.s!: A few of the Nuit Blanche exhibits are still up and can be enjoyed! Please visit their website for more details. Also, Ai Weiwei has an exhibit showing at the AGO until October 27th!

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