Monday, October 21, 2013

My Style: Cozy + Spooky!

With Halloween right around the corner, I decided to do a "spooky" themed outfit. For those of you, not dressing up in costume, this Skull sweater I got from Winners is a perfect piece to wear on Halloween. 

It's warm and cozy, which is perfect for the cooler weather, and it shouts Halloween with the Skull patterns. I wanted to add a just a little of colour, so I paired the sweater with bright coloured pants to make the outfit not look so dark. But since I just wanted a little bit of colour, I wore some fabulous Franco Sarto tall boots so the bottom half of the outfit didn't look so purple (it is Halloween after all ;). I also added some contrasting prints in the top and bag, to make the outfit more interesting, and to draw some attention away from the skull sweater. 

If you have some leeway in your wardrobe at work, this outfit is perfect for Halloween. It speaks to the "spooky" theme, without you going all out and wearing a costume! Happy Halloween! 


The Details!: Cardigan from Winners / Top from +EXPRESS / Pants from Urban Planet / Franco Sarto Boots from Sears / David Jones Purse from Sears / Hat from Ardene / Sunglasses from +H&M 

P.s!: The sweater is reversible, which means 2 times more spookiness! Stay tuned for more Halloween themed looks in future posts!


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