Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shopping: Oh Mel!

 Heya! For months I have been on a hunt for a flip flops that are comfortable and stylish. A pair that I would be able to wear with a skirt and a tee to the beach and also be able to wear with a dress, out to a dinner with friends. I use to have a pair that I bought in Italy many, many years ago. But I've literally wore a hole through the bottom of them, so I had to find a replacement pair on this side of the world. The hunt was on: some were too fancy, or too casual, or not comfortable, or just too not my style. I was going to give up, when a few weeks ago I was in one of my favourite places in Toronto: Canada's Largest Women's Shoe Shop at The Bay on Queen Street (read about the Shoe Shop here), when I came upon these fabulous pair of flip flops by Mel.


They were my size, had a butterfly on them (I love butterflies), and they had the same name as me! I had to try them on! It was love at first step, and to add to my euphoria, they were on clearance with an extra 40% off! I got them for $13! I love The Bay!

  And now I love Mel! They are the younger sister company of the fabulous shoe brand Melissa. Mel's shoes are made from easy to care for plastic that is recyclable and are vegan friendly. They come in a variety of colours and styles! Please visit their site for more information:

And P.s!: Mel shoes come lightly scented! Not only are they cute, but they smell great too!


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