Sunday, August 11, 2013

Style: Style That Measures Up!


Heya! Footwear is a vital part to any outfit. Some people forget that shoes (and boots) can change the entire feel and look of an outfit! I decided to illustrate this fashion fact with a fabulous dress I recently bought at a store called Katie. 

I like to browse and window shop regularly at various stores through out Toronto, especially ones I'm not familiar with. I recently was on one of these outings at The Dufferin Mall and this fabulous dress caught my eye! I use to sew costumes, and still sew on occasion for fun, so this dress really spoke to me. I had to buy it! And it was only $16.99 and 20% off.



I love how sexy and sophisticated the dress looks with a fabulous pair of J. Vincent heels and how it transforms to downtown chic with a pair Expression wedge boots. And both looks I'm wearing Shop For Jayu necklace I recently won.

The Details!: Dress from Katie / J. Vincent heels / Expression Boots from The Hudsons Bay / Shop For Jayu Necklace / Sunglasses from H&M / Clutch from Aldo

Just a quick note about Katie stores: most items are one size fits all and yes, the clothing is cheap so remember you get what you pay for.

Which look "measured up" best to you?! Sexy and sophisticated with heels or downtown chic in boots? Leave a comment and let me know!

And P.s!: Just changing the footwear can make a dramatic affect on the way any outfit looks! The same beautiful Shop For Jayu necklace is worn with both outfits and the same H&M sunglasses and Aldo clutch!



  1. I love this dress! I love both looks, but downtown chic in boots is me. I love seeing the versatility in the dress.

    1. I love this dress too! And I love both looks! Thanks for your feedback!


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