Thursday, August 15, 2013

Exhibit: Photos That Changed!

Heya! I recently came across a photography exhibit that really took me by surprise. The exhibit is called Picture Change and is produced by PhotoSensitive. It took me over an hour to take in the startling, amazing, gut wrenching, tear producing, and smile inducing photographs that came from over 100 of Canada's best photojournalists.

The idea of the exhibit is that each photographer submit 1 photo from their portfolio that stands out for them and shows how a photograph can produce positive change in the world.  Included with each black and white photograph is a mini-bio on the photographer, how they came to capture the photograph, how the photograph has changed them, and the positive change it had on any part of society.

This exhibit is amazing! It has been traveling downtown all summer, and is only available for a few more months. Right now it is outside in the North Courtyard of the Richmond and Adelaide Centre until August 23, and then it moves to its new exhibit location. 

Please visit for more information and locations.

Do you know of any new amazing art exhibits coming soon or already out? Please let me know! And have you seen Picture Change? What did you think?

And P.s!: This exhibit is free and a must see! Please take the time in your busy schedule and see how the world can be and has been changed, one photograph at a time!


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