Sunday, August 18, 2013

Style: Sunny Style!

Heya! I can't believe there are only a few weeks left of summer! And I for one, am going to make the most of them! And in style! Day trips to the beach! Weekends up North! Picnics in the park! The choices are endless.

Whatever the activity is, long sundresses are the perfect go to fashion staple for August, now that the days and nights are a little cooler. Like this one I picked up at Winners for $19.99! And since the sun is still beaming, sunhats are a must to stop sun damage to your skin, like this Tilley Hat with colour switching band, so you can coordinate to your outfit! And I love adding fun and cute accessories, summer is the season you can get away with them! I love my H&M butterfly sunglasses and Joe Fresh bracelet. And I wore this dress with cute Jellypop sling backs and a fabulous necklace I picked up at a trip to Mexico. I added a straw bag in a coordinating colour to keep my sunscreen and water bottle in! I love the easy fit and bright colours of this outfit. 



The Details: Dress from Winners / Tilley Hat / Jellypop Shoes from Sears/ Bag from Old Navy / Bracelet from Joe Fresh / Sunglasses fromH&M / Headband from WalMart

So are you planning any last minute summer trips? What are you going to wear? I would love to know!

And P.s!: I got the cute rope knot hairband from WalMart on clearance for $3! You can get some really cute and interesting accessories from WalMart, just need some imagination!


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