Monday, August 05, 2013

Style: Country Styled!


Heya! I traveled up north of Toronto this long weekend and decided to use this opportunity to style some fabulous outfits with the beautiful countryside as a backdrop. 

This outfit I decided to break some fashion "rules". There used to be so many fashion faux pas' and "what not to wear's" but recently, like I've  always said, rules are meant to be broken. Now it's socially correct to wear white after labour day and even trendy to mix gold and silver. I decided to break some rules myself (as usual) and mix some fabulous black embroidered Zeyzani boots with a cool chocolate brown hat I found at the dollar store. Also I wore silver rimmed sunglasses, I picked up at H&M with a beautiful Shop For Jayu brass collar necklace. And to top off my outfit: a cute summer shift dress I got from Winners for $19.99, a burgundy Guess purse, and an old denim jacket I had for years.


The Details!: Dress from Winners / Zeyzani Boots / Vintage Jean Jacket / Guess purse from Sears / Sunglasses from H&M / Shop For Jayu Necklace / Hat from Dollarama

And P.s!: Don't be afraid to break some old "fashion rules". The fashion industry is becoming less and less constricted! Have fun! And just be confident in whatever you wear. You may love the result!


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