Monday, January 04, 2016

P.s!: Another Year, Another Adventure!

Happy New Year!:  2015 Roundup & 2016 Preview

Is it just or did 2015 pass by in a blink of an eye??!! I feel like I just celebrated 2015 and here it is 2016 already! Maybe it is old age (I hope not), but time flew by. And looking back on 2015, so much has happened in my life both professionally and personally.

New Year, Roundup, The Purple Scarf, Melanie.Ps, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, CN Tower

After reading last year's yearly roundup and looking through some old posts, I'm pretty happy with the path I have taken with my blog which led to some great opportunities in my life.

I have gone through alot of blog layout changes throughout the year, finally deciding on just keeping it simple. I've developed some new partnerships and was always happy to pass on any amazing information and reviews to my readers! My readership has grown and so has my followers on Twitter, Instagram and the rest of my social media accounts, so THANK YOU! I have (for the most part) been keeping up with a regular blog post schedule, although the last 2 months I did slide a bit, so sorry. I hurt myself at work and have been working six jobs. Yes six. After a serious health scare in the middle of the year, I have decided to do one of my travel bucket list items and I will be backpacking across South America for three weeks in February. I got the idea after visiting AGO's amazing Picturing the Americas exhibit. So I picked up a bunch of part time jobs to help pay for it. So excited to finally visit Machu Picchu.

New Year, Roundup, The Purple Scarf, Melanie.Ps, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, CN Tower, Edgewalk

I also met some fabulous new people this year in addition of reconnecting with my usual suspects. I met the talented photographer Ardean Peters, who graciously photographed some of my Style Posts. Stay tuned for some upcoming collaborations. And I met James, a new friend who took me on the most amazing walk of my life (so far:).  I also met Michelle Pinchev, Founder of the amazing City by Heart blog and her own Social Media company Pinch Social. She has published some posts I wrote on her blog and I work as a freelance Community Manager for her company. I have also picked up some of my own clients and was privileged to be apart of Loose Leaf Theatre Company as their Social Media Manager. Loose Leaf's debut play, Me With You, received rave reviews and was named 'A Toronto Fringe Best Bet' by Now Magazine. I work freelance, so if you know anyone who needs help with their social media please don't hesitate to reach out.

New Year, Roundup, The Purple Scarf, Melanie.Ps, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Photographed, Ardean Peters, My Style, fashion
Photographed by Ardean Peters
And I became an aunt again. Being an aunt is one of my favourite things in the world, and I get to become one to Finn, my little sister's new son.

New Year, Roundup, The Purple Scarf, Melanie.Ps, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Aunt, Family, Baby, Finn, Nephew

I'm so excited to 2016 and looking forward to what is planned and unplanned. I feel like 2015 was just the beginning of great things to happen in the new year. Right now, I'm busy planning my trip. I think I'll fly into Lima, Peru and travel across through Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, and finally Argentina and fly out of Buenos Aires. Have any travel tips or ideas on what to see? Please let me know! I have started this new year off, 'feng shuing' my apartment. Rearranging things, going through everything and throwing out or giving away what's old and unused: out with the old, in with the new. I'm happy with my career path, stay tuned for some exciting updates soon, and looking forward to exploring and sharing what's new and exciting in Toronto and beyond!

P.s!: Make sure you check back often and follow along on my Instagram and Twitter accounts for daily updates on exciting events and happenings in Toronto and beyond (like South America:)!

Happy New Year 2016!


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