Monday, November 11, 2013

Style: Looking Cool While Staying Warm!

Heya! With coat weather here, it can sometimes be hard to keep warm while still looking great. That's why I've come up with some great tips that help me to look cool while staying warm! Here are some of my tips: 

A fabulous coat is the first thing you need to create a fashionable look. Preferably a coat that does not hide your curves.

These days, there is such an abundance of chic coats available at so many price ranges. Check out this fabulous coat I recently picked up at Suzy Shier for less than $50! I love the trendy faux leather sleeves and the long front shawl lapels, that not only look fabulous, but add extra warmth and protection from the cold winds. The belt on the coat also highlights my waist and shape, that would've been lost due to all the thicker clothing I'm wearing. A belted coat not only keeps the cold winds out, but helps you look less like the Pillsbury Doughboy.  


Another way to stay fashionable this winter are, trendy winter accessories that are not only practical, but look great! I added some sleek long leather gloves I picked up at Sears last winter, a large brimmed hat, and tall Guess boots, to this outfit. Tall boots are a stylish way to stay warm this winter. Not only are they on trend, but their height gives you some added extra warmth. Another stylish and easy way to stay warm is the ever versatile and always trendy, scarf! The scarf is a great way to add some colour or pattern to any look. I fell in love with the bird print of this +H&M infinity scarf I'm wearing. Also, another way to add some colour to your winter look is by adding a bright coloured bag, like my Mary Frances purse. I really like how this look turned out! And I love how warm I am while wearing it, in this cold November rain!

The Details!: Faux leather pants from +H&M / Coat from +suzyshier  /Hat from +H&M / Scarf from H&M /Jessica Gloves from +Sears Canada / Guess Boots from +Sears Canada / Mary Frances Purse / Sunglasses from +H&M 

Do you have any tips for staying warm and stylish this winter? I would love to hear about them.

And P.s!: You don't have to sacrifice style for warmth. Just by adding some great accessories and following my tips, you will look chic and stylish, while ready to take on what Mother Nature will throw at you.


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