Thursday, November 07, 2013

Event: WMC Fashion Week: Subdued Beauty + Stunning Gowns!

Two weeks ago, it was that time again! That magical time of WorldMastercard FashionWeek in Toronto. Bloggers come out from behind their computers, designers emerge from their sewing machines, buyers and writers swap their sensible loafers for sky high stilettos. It's a wonderful time of year when the fashion elite mixes with the street style mavens of the general public! It's almost as fun as Halloween! 

Toronto Fashion Week has grown from it's humble beginnings 14 years and 27 season ago. It has been called several names due to title sponsors changing, but will always be known as Toronto Fashion Week. I remember going to my first Toronto Fashion Week when Matinee was the sponsor! Toronto Fashion Week was founded by the President of The Fashion Design Council of Canada, Robin Kay. The first show was at The Windsor Arms and only had a budget of $25 000. It is now the largest Canadian Fashion Week and second largest North American Fashion Week after New York Fashion Week. It is a semi-annual event, happening only twice a year. In March, the Fall/Winter collections are shown, and again in October when The Spring/Summer Collections are showcased.

Unfortunately, this year I only made it to two shows, JNBY and Mikael D. I am so glad I picked these two shows. 

I wanted to see the JNBY show because this is the first time JNBY has been shown at Toronto Fashion Week and their Canadian debut. JNBY, which stands for Just Naturally Be Yourself, is a Chinese label that uses only natural fibres. It was established in 1994 and is led by creative director Li Lin. The Spring collection presented basic, flowing pieces, in blacks, whites, beiges, with some subdued browns, and forest greens. The two eye catching bright teal looks, were made even more exciting against the neutral colour palette. The unique blending of sheer and woven pieces layered with some crinkled textures gave the whole collection a look of effortless and understated beauty, which was also reflected in the model's natural make-up and wet slicked back hair. Although, I usually don't wear this minimalist style, I can appreciate the craftsmanship and beauty, and can definitely see myself wearing several pieces from this collection.



Mikael D was the second show I attended and the closing show of +WorldMastercard FashionWeek. And what a finale to this fabulous week! Mikael D is Mikael Derderian, Co-Founder of Canadian label Pavoni, who decided to branch out on his own and created his own evening wear line, Mikael D. This is his first showing of his new line. The show started off with the lights off, and a model in a ballgown silhouetted against a large neon screen. Then suddenly the lights come on and models strutted down a black reflective catwalk wearing stunning dresses. The dresses came in all shapes and sizes: large princess gowns, sleek mermaid styles, tight body cons, sexy peplum bodices, and gorgeous tutu style skirts that would make any girl feel like a ballerina! The mostly neutral colour palette was sprinkled with pops of metallic silver and golds, emerald greens, and rich blues. The bead and embroidery work was exquisite, and the cutouts and draping of the fabric was amazing! I also loved how the models makeup was stunning yet very simple with beautiful up-dos, keeping the focus on the fabulous dresses. What a way to end the week!



  Photos by George Pimentel

I had so much fun at this year's WorldMastercard Fashion Week Spring/Summer Event, I am planning ahead for the next event. I definitely am going to attend more than two shows!

Did you attend World Mastercard Fashion Week? What were your favourite shows? I would love to hear from you!  

P.s!: If you missed out this time, don't worry World Mastercard Fashion Week is back in March to preview for the Fall/Winter 2014 Season! 


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