Monday, May 25, 2015

Exhibit: Fact or Fiction?!

Koffler Gallery's Erratics Exhibition Review

I recently visited the Koffler Centre of the Arts and took a trip down someone else's memory lane. The Koffler Gallery's latest exhibit, Erratics, consists of two very unique art installations and is apart of the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival. They take two different and unique approaches in archiving personal stories and memories.

The lines become blurred between fact and fiction in Erratics and the role of photographs and words in preserving the past is examined.

The first exhibit The Search for Heinrich Scholgel by Toronto author Martha Baille is my favourite of the two. The multi-media installation is based on her recent novel of the same name which includes hundreds of postcards mailed from across the country with excerpts from her novel.

Toronto artist and curator Malka Greene pieces together the private life of Dr. Morris Resnick, a World War II reconnaissance photographer, through photography and documents belonging to Resnick in His Father Over Time. Among the mementos are also personal stories written by Resnick's son Alan Resnick. In some instances it's hard to determine what stories are real and which are not.

Although I didn't enjoy Erratics as much as Koffler's past exhibits, it was very interesting and made me think of the stories I have been told by relatives, whether they are in fact real or fiction. Erratics runs until June 14, 2015.

P.s!: There is a chance to meet both artists and enjoy a round table conversation on June 7 at 2pm for free! Please visit Koffler Centre for more information.


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